switch / Amir

WixChat Server Founder
( Malaysia )
*** Amir is mIRC Full Version By OperServ www.facebook.com/mywixchat
– Last seen address: Fallen@Staff.WixChat.Org
– Last seen time : Sentiasa Ada
– Time registered : 01/01/98 01:01:01 GMT
– Time now :
– Web Page URL : https://wp.wixchat.org/switch/
– Email Address : amir@Wixchat.Org
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– This nickname has the ‘aggressive protection’ option enabled and cannot be used without authorization.
– This user is not accepting memos.
– This nickname has the ‘high security’ option enabled. Access list processing is disabled and positive authentication is required.
– This nickname was MARKED by switch on 05/11/03 22:01:09 GMT (This Nickname Properties By Founder Network)
– This nickname will not expire.
– This nickname has a locked password.
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