About Us



Thank you very much for all those that involved in giving a good commitment and making "mIRC Wixchat Server" going smoothly well and stand firm until now.


In a new millenium and modern world nowadays the application of "mIRC" to be somewhat outdated since it was launch in 1996, it was a first apps that builded for users to communicate and messaging without no boundaries. Between an era of its glorious age in 1996 - 2010, it was amongs a very popular social chat client that connecting peoples all around the world to communicates into each others and still carry out an outstanding performance until now.


"Wixchat Server Network" has been using the same IRCD Server from Webmaster Incorporated known as "Webchat Server" founded by Sir Mark Owen. "Wixchat Server" is originally a server for opers to learn and practicing commands, but after users in "Webchat" has decreased then "Wixchat" has taken placed to become a "Second Home" for "Webchat’s Server" after "Unitedchat", this server has been using CR which is the same versions with Unitedchat.


Management teams is trying to give full efforts to all users those connecting with Wixchat IRC Server Network, we have an experienced technical advisor and staffs in Network/Hosting/Shell etc, so you don't have to worry about your safety while in the Server.


Your security is our priority.